Casting Shadows Everywhere

My debut novel is available on Amazon:


When a bullied 15 year old asks a professional burglar for advice, he gets life lessons… and death lessons. Be careful what you ask for.

Killing someone is a lot harder than you’d imagine. Physically harder, I mean. On TV a guy strangles someone for like 5 seconds and the body slumps to the ground in a heap of dead just like that. In real life, it takes so long you wouldn’t believe it.

See, I saw someone get strangled once when I was 9.

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One comment on “Casting Shadows Everywhere
  1. Outstanding book you guys!! I got a note that LT was following me or something. So I clicked on the link and up popped your Kindle book. Very cool marketing. Get right to it. So the cover and the blurb about strangulation taking forever hooked me right off. Good job there. Then chapter one of the sample nailed me for sure. Another good job.

    I think writing in first person is a real bear–self-indulgence and all. But y’all did a marvelous job with that, too. Man, home runs all around. Great going for a couple of Michigan guys. And I use “guys” in the larger sense of the word. What got me right off, of course, was LT’s picture. Now how could one not go forth. Yunno? Not that that there’s anything wrong with Tim’s picture, but…well, yunno what I’m talking about. Eh?

    Back to Michigan: I do what I can to “promote” Michigan folks, seeing that I ran out on the place in 1966. There was a war and shit. Right? But hey, I actually lived in Kazoo, dudes! Back in the day. Detroit, too. Before that place was burned to the ground. The Big D was so cool, you wouldn’t believe it. Basement jazz joints. Blind Pigs. I lived right down there in the middle of the shit, I’m telling you. But that’s all gone. Just memories. But you should know this.

    I think I flunked out of WMU two times. Not necessarily a claim to fame or anything. It was the political climate at the time. I’m sure the U couldn’t possibly still suck bigtime anymore. To tell the truth I grew up in Benton Harbor, eh? Before it melted down. Before the whole fucking state melted down. So good luck hanging out there. Like they say, “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.”

    Congratulation on a terrific book. I am just at the launching stage of my own first book, Catalina Eddie, at Amazon Kindle. So that door is just about to open. Better late than never. Fortunately, I am a retired (what a lame term) technical writer. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Like the longest I ever worked at one project was a year. That means that just as things are about to turn knarly, I’m outta there on on to the next gig. That was before the dot-com crash. Hey. Whaddayagonnado?

    All the best, you guys. I hang out at I urge you to check it out. Great writers and good vibes there. I read and study lots of writing books by James Scott Bell and Les Edgerton. I just KNOW you would appreciate Les.

    Cheers and Happy Trails!


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