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Seven horror novels you must read before you kill- er, I mean die.

It’s October! Time to read the horror, right? Right. Good news! I’ve wasted the bulk of my life reading horror novels, rotted my brain with all manner of graphic violence, sacrificed everything to sail across a sea of trash. Along

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Literary hard drugs.

I had to make sure everyone knows that the first two books in the Jubal Van Zandt series are $0.99 this weekend. They’re really funny, loaded with action, and set in a strange world that blends science fiction and urban fantasy.

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23 books I read in 2017…

(AKA Tim McBain’s summer reading list of insane greatness, featuring books.) I’ve read a bunch of books so far this year, and it happens that I love nothing more than spreading the word about good reads. Out of 120 books

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Make Halloween great again!

This should be the most fun week of the year. We should all be neck deep in gore, our heads full of ghosts, our hearts pounding from the adrenaline. When I was a kid, everyone was obsessed with horror. It

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Casting Shadows Everywhere

My debut novel is available on Amazon: When a bullied 15 year old asks a professional burglar for advice, he gets life lessons… and death lessons. Be careful what you ask for. Killing someone is a lot harder than you’d

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